We love talking about what we do and sharing our knowledge. Regardless of the location, any space is an opportunity to exchange experiences.


In a formal space, we give a dynamic presentation on the basic aspects of app design, emphasizing topics such as usability and interaction patterns, visual design and the personality of each operating system.

UXSpain 2013 featured us. If you want to follow suit and invite us to participate in your event as speakers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Informal talks

In an entertaining way, we relate our experience in the design of applications and how we made our transition from the web design world. In the talk, we present practical cases and easy to understand examples.

Elisava has already put its trust in us. Are you part of a university or educational institution and want us to inspire your students? Let us know.


Workshops allow greater interaction with the participants. The goal of our workshops is to impart knowledge while performing activities that involve the audience in the process of designing an app from A to Z.

If you want to entrust us the task of devising a theoretical and practical session, write to us explaining what you have in mind.