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“Designing Mobile Apps” is a book written by Javier “Simón” Cuello and José Vittone, two designers currently living in Barcelona.

The content – written in simple and easy to understand language – is mainly oriented toward enthusiastic designers who want to enter the world of mobile applications and learn how to design apps that are functional and well-made.

Of course, the book will also be interesting for developers who, despite having worked with applications before, want to become familiar with the aspects of design, interaction and usability.

Simón and Jose finally holding the paper version of the book.

Simón and Jose finally holding the paper version of the book.

Why this Book?

Documentation and information on the subject of app development and design are scattered all over the web. They are highly fragmented and hard to find in an ocean of information.

Our beginnings in app design weren’t easy. Everything was very different from how it is today, and there was no one we could ask or anywhere we could look to find answers to our questions. A few but very valuable years have gone by since then, and what we’ve learned, by necessity and on the fly, has been very useful. Now, we want to share our knowledge with you.

About the authors

Chapter Illustrations

Maga&Seba’s handmade prints

Some of Maga&Seba’s handmade prints

Each chapter presents content with accompanying images. The drawings are the work of Maga&Seba, a small Polish-Chilean studio based in Barcelona, the owners of which we have the good fortune to call our friends. Pay close attention to these illustrations, created by Maga and Seba, that will accompany you in this journey we are about to begin.