Basics to design native apps.

Learn the secrets to designing useful and appealing apps for Android, iOS and WP.

Table of Contents

  • cap01

    Where apps come from and the differences between apps and mobile webs. Different kinds of apps, according to how they are developed. The design process from the beginning to the end.

  • cap02
    Grasping the Possibilities

    App categories differentiated according to their content and the possible ways of monetising them. Basis for setting up a design and development team, taking into account the work profiles and the necessary equipment.

  • cap04
    Exploring Ideas

    How to think an app idea to make something different, that stands out from the thousands that are already out in the market, basing its concept on real needs and offering value to users.

  • cap05
    Defining the Proposal

    The conceptual proposal starts to formalize with the design of wireframes and prototypes, based on previous investigations of real users that help the designer understand who the target user of the design is. In this chapter, different tools and techniques are presented to help you go from the initial idea to a more tangible level.

  • cap07
    Interaction and Patterns

    Interaction is different for each operating system: actions and navigation are not the same in Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Schemes to understand these differences and determine which are the best options to obtain an easy to use app.

  • cap08
    Visual Design

    The visual personality of each operating system: color, typography, buttons and icons, among other elements. Good practices and noteworthy cases that have created their interfaces adequately.

  • cap10
    Testing with Users

    Guerrilla user testing: How to get quick feedback from users without a big investment, in order to correct and improve the essential aspects of the app.

  • cap11
    Preparing Files

    Everything that should be taken into account in relation to the screen density and the sizes and names of the images used in the project.

  • cap13
    Design Best Practices

    A curated selection of apps from Android, iOS and Windows Phone that, for different reasons, got it right.

  • cap14
    The World of Tablets

    How to design for screens bigger than the ones in smartphones, taking into account available screen real state, gestures, interactions, contents and visual design among other things.

  • cap16
    Launching the App

    Different tools and good practices to achieve a successful launch and then take advantage of the statistical information to improve and update the app.

  • Interviews

    Interviews of well-known professionals from the world of design and apps. Answers from Irene Pereyra, Dustin Barker, Dustin Mierau, Loren Brichter and Erik Spiekermann.

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