Designing Mobile Apps
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We want to acknowledge and thank everyone who, in one way or another, was involved in our project. Their time, motivation and ideas have rendered the results much better than we ever imagined.

By sections and in alphabetical order:


  • Patryk Adamczyk (Mozilla)
  • Dustin Barker (Simple)
  • Loren Brichter (Atebits)
  • Dustin Mierau (Path)
  • Irene Pereyra (Fantasy Interactive)
  • Erik Spiekermann (Edenspiekermann)
  • Ivo Weevers (Ubuntu)

Comments and Content Contributions

  • Magalí Amalla
  • Daniel Armengol
  • Paloma Celaá
  • Pierluigi Cifani
  • Andrés Colmenares
  • Ruymán Ferreyra
  • Armando Fidalgo
  • Victoria Gerchinhoren
  • Xavi Pinyol
  • Florencia Rosenfeld
  • Marc Torrent
  • Sergi Vélez

Other Contributors

  • Jordi Aguilà
  • Jonatan Castro
  • Catalina Duque Giraldo
  • Rodrigo Encinas
  • Esteban Humet
  • Paula Marques
  • Catalina Pérez
  • María Daniela Quirós
  • Jure Sustercic
  • Seba y Maga

We would also like to thank our families, Lu for her support, and everyone who has accompanied us over these past few months, supporting and spreading the word about the project.

Thank you very much.